Black Grace

2 Gather

2 Gather

Taipei Arts Festival


2 Gather is the collaborative work of Tjimur Dance Theatre and Black Grace. Both companies share similar indigenous backgrounds and are able to explore movements from the same Austronesian origin.


Founded in 2006, Tjimur Dance Theatre is the first contemporary dance company dedicated to the indigenous Paiwan culture of Taiwan. The efforts of its Artistic Director, Ljuzem Madiljin, and its Choreographer, Baru Madiljin, have gained Tjimur critical acclaim in Taiwan and abroad with the charms of its contemporary interpretation of the ancient Paiwan dances and melodies. Through exploration of Paiwan cultural heritage, Tjimur has created a unique and innovative style of contemporary dance that represents the "modern body-aesthetics of the contemporary Paiwan people."



Date Show City Venue Country
23–25 Sep 2 Gather Taipei Wellspring Theater Taiwan