Black Grace


Minoi fuses a traditional Samoan dance style known as Fa’ataupati (slap dance) and western contemporary dance as a means of exploring the idea of cultural identity issues, live singing and vocalisations.

“The Men’s shoulders and bare chests were oiled with sweat; and after their mighty exertions the ground seemed to crack open, making the world of spirit imminent.  At such moments, geographic and cultural distances seemed to vanish.”

The Star-Ledger, New Jersey, 2010 


The initial slow chant brings slow movements that become more dramatic with increased hand clapping and stamping. Their bodies pulsate and contort like movements of the heart



Date Show City Venue Country
10–27 Mar New Works Auckland Maidment Studio New Zealand
1 Apr Fresh (Catalyst for UYM) Auckland Aotea Centre New Zealand
1 Oct Fia Ola Noumea Tjibaou Cultural Centre Noumea
24–27 Nov Soul Power Auckland Aotea Square New Zealand