Black Grace


This piece is a response to the death of a young boy at the hands of his father.  It examines issues of child abuse as seen through the eyes and experiences of some of the Company members.  The work incorporates rhythm and movement based on traditional Samoan motifs and an original soundtrack composed by Paul Booth.

Relentless also features ‘Hand Game’, which is based on old schoolyard clapping games and some actions found in physical violence. 



… gestures from the fast and vigorous Samoan traditional dances selectively reworked into sequences of movements that blur the eye while they dazzle the ear and pump the pulse.



Date Show City Venue Country
1 Sep Black Grace & Relentless Taranaki Bay of Islands Festival New Zealand
18–20 Sep Fia Ola Nelson Nelson College Hall New Zealand
21 Sep Fia Ola Sydney Olympic Arts Festival Australia